TheButterflyEffect is a 13 Phase (52 week) planner, that incorporates new themes each month, and sheds light on new topics of interest every week. 

Plan your monthly tasks & events, and track when they are Due & Completed; then Dig deep within yourself to find your best improvements of the month, and remember the lessons you’ve been taught, by reviewing what you've learned over the course of each phase. 


Learn about new topics every week that influence positivity into your daily life. Break down the components of living a Happy & Fulfilling life, then find out How you can incorporate them into your life, with the help of our Weekly Insights.

Set and Attain weekly prioritized goals, and Reward yourself when you accomplish them. Then, take time each week to track your overall Moods, Effort, and Progress - so you can look back down the line, and see how far you’ve come.


Your habits, whether productive or hindering your overall growth, all begin within your daily routine.  Determine your daily goals, break them down with brainstorms & ideas, then set your to-do list of the day. 

Find the Positivity and Structure you are looking for, to accomplish every single one of your objectives, within the Daily Layout of TheButterflyEffect planner. Watch your life Transform itself, day-by-day towards your ideal results and your highest achievements.

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Overcome your greatest setbacks and challenges with the help of Expert Advice on how you can develop the Mindset and Discipline for achieving Freedom of Mind. 

TheButterflyEffect is a state-of-the-art Psychological Transformation Program, developed by dozens of leading clinicians in Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, and Philosophy.

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